Create a team, unite players, students, or fitness club users. Manage your team to achieve better results and increase members' income!

Step-by-step instructions for creating teams
1 app installation app installation

Install the JUST* app to organize and monetize your workouts.

Go to Google Play by clicking on the button below, or scan the QR code from your smartphone to download the app.

Go to Google Play by clicking on the button below.


Sign up for the app, through your Google account, VK or email.


Select your sport and the "Manager" tab.


Think of a team name and fill out all the fields on the form.


Complete the team registration.


Congratulations, you've created your team account, setting the stage for new heights in the world of sports and improving personal well-being!

  • Add a photo to your team avatar and upload a cover story.

  • Add links to the team's social media profiles, so athletes can learn more about the team's activities.

  • Add a video presentation and information about the team's (club's) activities and talk about new opportunities for potential members. To achieve this, upload your video presentation to YouTube and add a link to the video in the JUST app.


Choose your level and subscribe to JUST PLUS for teams.


Add coaching staff or team (club) management in Managers.


Create a job opening or news release for potential team members.


In the Search section, search for the right athletes and send invitations.


You will receive a royalty of 15% in SAP on the monthly earnings of each team member.


Save SAP on your account and you can exchange them for limited NFT collections, with the ability to sell or donate clothes to team members.


Hold tournaments with prizes for winners or reward the best team members with cryptocurrency.


Create your team's company in the Twigse platform twigse.com and add all members to it. Withdraw the received SAP to your company's account, exchange it for cryptocurrency and withdraw it through Binance exchange to your card.


Add your company to similar communities of the Twigse platform, unite participants and increase your earnings together with other sports managers.

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