Managing and Withdrawing
SAP Earnings

At the top of the wallet, you'll find your SAP balance.*

The 'Progress' section displays how many days remain until you can convert your SAP into in-game currency.

By clicking the 'Withdraw' button, you can check the current SAP to TWG exchange rate, input the desired amount of SAP, and proceed to exchange SAP for TWG, transferring it to your Twigse account.

The 'History' section provides a list of completed training sessions, including the time spent on each session and the accumulated SAPs.

The earned SAP can only be withdrawn with a valid paid subscription.

Exchanging SAP
for In-Game Currency

Keep an eye on the SAP withdrawal timer in the Wallet section. You can only withdraw earned SAPs after the timer expires.

Once the timer expires, your SAPs will be available for exchange into TWG in-game currency. Click the "Withdraw" button.

To facilitate quick and convenient SAP sharing, you need a Twigse account. If you don't have one, click the "Sign Up" button.

Create a Twigse account

Fill in all the required fields to complete the Twigse account registration.

After successfully registering with Twigse, return to the JUST application.

Wait for a message indicating that you can withdraw SAP, then click the "Withdraw" button.

Enter your desired SAP amount and click "Exchange to TWG."

Your specified TWG amount will be sent to your Twigse account.

How to use Twigse banking platform?

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