Digital Sportswear
Apparel and Its Use

Digital Sportswear Accessories

Every month, you'll find exclusive collections in the JUST Play section. These collections feature Digital Sportswear Accessories designed to boost the efficiency of your workouts and maximize your SAP earnings.*

Each collection comprises three items: a baseball cap, a bomber jacket, and sneakers. By collecting complete Digital Sportswear (DSW) collections, you can enhance your training experience and earn even more SAP.

Собирайте полные коллекции DSW, увеличивайте время тренировок, зарабатывайте и выводите еще больше SAP.

Digital Sportswear Accessories - Unique Features.

Baseball Cap

Increases your Increases stamina during training. while training.


Enhances training efficiency.


Boosts KPI for each workout and enables larger SAP withdrawals.

Obtaining DSW Accessories.

Your SAP bar displays how much you need to accumulate (or have left) to acquire an item.

You can accumulate SAP in your JUST Account and exchange it for DSW Accessories from various collections.

DSW Collections are not available for purchase; they are entirely free and can only be acquired using your SAPs.

Each DSW Accessories Collection is unique and developed in collaboration with conceptual designers.

Strength of DSW Accessories.

Each accessory has its own strength scale, designed for a specific amount of training.

When the strength of a DSW accessory reaches zero, your training results and maximum earning potential decrease.

Remember to restore the strength of DSW accessories in your collection by trading SAPs for Strength Cells to optimize each training session.

Starting a New Collection.

Once you've collected all the items in a collection, you'll gain access to a higher-level collection featuring new DSW accessories and more opportunities to earn SAP.

Receive notifications when new DSW Collections are released, and use your SAP to obtain collectibles, enhancing your skill level and earnings.

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