Understanding Sports Mining


The Mining section enables you to monitor your activity during training and the accumulation of SAPs (Sports Activity Points).*

  • Endurance

    Indicates the number of minutes available for daily training.

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

    This represents the ratio of calories burned during your current workout to the maximum potential based on your physical parameters.

  • SAP (Sports Activity Points)

    A unit measuring your energy expenditure, which corresponds to the calories burned during your current workout.

  • Steps

    The count of steps taken during your current workout.

  • Efficiency

    A multiplier that influences the amount of SAP you earn for the energy expended per unit of time. Efficiency is directly impacted by your JUST level. Think of it as traditional mining, where your body serves as the graphics card, and the calories you burn act as the hashrate.

  • Training Time

    This records the duration of your training sessions.

  • Distance

    The distance you've covered during your current workout.

  • Average pace

    Displays the average speed achieved during your current workout.

  • Heart Rate Coming soon

    Monitors your heart rate as transmitted by your smartwatch.

Types of Workouts in JUST

  • Walking

    Speed limit up to7 km/h.

    Suitable for hiking and leisurely outdoor activities.

    Low calorie intake.

    Low training KPI and performance level.

  • Active Training

    Speed limit up to15 km/h.

    Suitable for running, team sports (e.g., fitness, soccer, basketball, volleyball), and winter sports.

    Moderate to high caloric intake.

    Training KPI and Mining Efficiency calculated based on effort levels per workout.

  • Speed training.

    Speed limit up to30 km/h.

    Suitable for speed sports like cycling, skateboarding, scooter, rollerblading, skiing, and more.

    High calorie intake.

    KPIs and mining efficiency depend on speed and distance traveled during each workout.

  • Fitness TrainingCOMING SOON

    Calculation of sports training based on the athlete's heart rate with no speed limit.

    Suitable for weight training on machines, aerobics, yoga, martial arts, and various gym-based sports training.

    Requires the mandatory connection of a smartwatch.

    The athlete's efficiency is calculated based on heart rate and pressure data transmitted by the smartwatch.

Starting a Workout

  • In the Mining section, select the type of training you wish to perform.

  • Grant access to your smartphone's data and sensors to ensure the JUST algorithm functions correctly.

    Without this access, JUST cannot guarantee accurate mining and SAP calculations.

  • Start your workout by pressing the START button. You can put your smartphone or watch into sleep mode, and your workout will continue.

    JUST's mining algorithm tracks your physical activity, converting each burned calorie into SAP.

    Monitor your SAP accumulation progress and activity data on the mining screen.

  • To end the current training session, click STOP.

    After the training session, the data will be synchronized, and your SAP will be added to your account in the "Wallet" section.

    If you've reached your daily training limit, the algorithm will automatically end the session and sync the earned SAP for the day.

  • If your workout limit for the day has been reached, you can continue training tomorrow.

  • Check the "Wallet" section to see the number of SAPs earned for each training session.

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